• Russian nationals plead guilty to participating in the LockBit ransomware group

    Two Russian nationals pleaded guilty to participating in the LockBit ransomware group and carrying out attacks against victims worldwide. Two foreign nationals, Ruslan Magomedovich Astamirov and Mikhail Vasiliev, pleaded guilty in Newark federal court for their roles in the LockBit ransomware operation. The LockBit ransomware operation has been active since January 2020, the group hit

  • MediSecure data breach impacted 12.9 million individuals

    Personal and health information of 12.9 million individuals was exposed in a ransomware attack on Australian digital prescription services provider MediSecure. MediSecure is a company that provides digital health solutions, particularly focusing on secure electronic prescription delivery services in Australia. In May, the company was forced to shut down its website and phone lines following

  • CrowdStrike update epic fail crashed Windows systems worldwide

    Windows machines worldwide displayed BSoD screen following a faulty update pushed out by cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike. A faulty update released by CrowdStrike Falcon is causing Windows systems to display a BSoD screen. The incident is causing widespread global disruptions, impacting critical infrastructure such as airports, hospitals, and TV stations. The company confirmed that the incident

  • Cisco fixed a critical flaw in Security Email Gateway that could allow attackers to add root users

    Cisco has addressed a critical vulnerability that could allow attackers to add new root users to Security Email Gateway (SEG) appliances. Cisco fixed a critical vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2024-20401 (CVSS score 9.8), that could allow unauthenticated, remote attackers to add new users with root privileges and permanently crash Security Email Gateway (SEG) appliances. The flaw

  • SAPwned flaws in SAP AI core could expose customers’ data

    Researchers discovered security flaws in SAP AI Core cloud-based platform that could expose customers’ data. Cybersecurity researchers at Wiz uncovered five security flaws, collectively tracked as SAPwned, in the SAP AI Core cloud-based platform. An attacker can exploit the flaws to obtain access tokens and customer data. SAP AI Core, developed by SAP, is a cloud-based platform providing the

  • Cybercrime group FIN7 advertises new EDR bypass tool on hacking forums

    The cybercrime group FIN7 is advertising a security evasion tool in multiple underground forums, cybersecurity company SentinelOne warns. SentinelOne researchers warn that the financially motivated group FIN7 is using multiple pseudonyms to advertise a security evasion tool in several criminal underground forums. FIN7 developed a tool called AvNeutralizer (also known as AuKill) that can bypass